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When people think of communication, they often gloss over the internal dialogue they have with themselves every minute of every day. The mind is always at work, taking in data and then making sense of that data. Humans are narrative, telling themselves stories as a way of making sense of the situations and communities of which they are apart.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to begin to identify the stories they are telling themselves, how to dissect those stories, and use what they have learned to positively impact their internal dialogue and the communication they have with others.

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At some point, every business will need to transition. Nebraska Business Development Center and BCDA are hosting a FREE info session for all Boone County business owners to learn how to start planning for a business transition. 

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To communicate with impact, you must be able to communicate even when the message is hard to deliver. Leaders who have this skill create a culture of resiliency and growth mindset, of a willingness to try new things because it’s safe to fail and bounce back.

In this workshop, participants will learn how the best leaders communicate with candor and kindness, and what the most common barriers to doing so are.

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Leadership is an influence process. And, in some instances, that process requires presenting ideas and thoughts to larger groups – whether internally to the organization you represent or externally.

In this program, participants will receive advice on how to manage anxiety leading up to and during public speaking. They will also learn best practices for giving an impactful presentation.

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Leaders make asks all the time. They ask for help in terms of time. They ask for help in terms of financial support. They ask for support for their ideas. So, how do leaders get others to say “yes” to those asks?

In this program, participants will learn strategies to create buy-in and bring followers along so they not only say “yes” but feel good about doing so.

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