Energizing Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Growth & Grace Counseling

When Brittany Childress decided to start her private therapy practice, she knew Albion was where she wanted to be. Before opening her doors, she enrolled in BCDA’s Energizing Entrepreneurs program, which gave her the road map, and some funding, to start her entrepreneurial journey. We sat down with her recently to talk about her business, success, and the advice she has for other entrepreneurs.

Tell us about Growth & Grace Counseling

Growth & Grace Counseling offers in-person and telehealth therapy to anyone in Boone County and beyond. Brittany’s passion for starting her practice in Albion stems from the gap in mental health services in rural communities.

BC: “We currently have four licensed therapists that offer a variety of therapy options to people of all ages. Our goal is to create a comfortable, laid-back environment that encourages people to be themselves. There’s no judgment here; come as you are.”

While each therapist is trained in all aspects of therapy, and they are more than willing to help all patients, they each have areas they feel strongest in. Brittany specifically feels most fulfilled when working with women who are trying to overcome past traumas. Mollie, another therapist at Growth & Grace, thrives working with children through play therapy. 

Along with the four licensed therapists, Growth & Grace also employs a full-time office manager.

Did growing up in Albion play a part in your decision to start your own business?

Growing up, Brittany was able to experience a variety of extracurricular and educational activities at Boone Central Schools. 

BC: “I loved the size of the community and the school. I felt that I was given the opportunity to explore numerous areas of interest because of what Boone Central has to offer. I didn’t have to only focus on dance or sports, I was able to participate in other activities that interested me at the time.”

When Brittany graduated from high school, she already had 18 college credits and was able to go to Midland University as a junior. Ultimately, she graduated with her Master’s Degree, from Simmons University, just four years after she graduated from high school.

What has been the most rewarding part of owning a business in Boone County?

After completing college, she knew she wanted to build her life in Albion. Her family and friends are here and she knows it’s a great community to raise a family. But a large part of her passion in opening a private practice here was to help destigmatize mental health struggles, especially in rural communities. 

BC: “Seeing my patients make real changes is beautiful. The impact that therapy has is extremely rewarding.” 

While Brittany’s entrepreneurial journey has afforded her a rewarding career, it has also enriched other areas of her life. 

BC: “I get to set my own schedule. I have two young children and I’m able to work my schedule around theirs. For me, it’s about having a dream life, not just a dream career.”

Along with owning Growth & Grace Counseling, Brittany is also part-owner of Centerstage Danzers with her mother, who is also an entrepreneur in Albion.

What Advice Do You Have For New Entrepreneurs in Boone County?

We know that starting a business can be scary. That’s why we like to ask local entrepreneurs for advice they would give to someone who is just starting out. 

BC: “Just do it. Make the decision, and take the first step. Things will come up but you’ll figure it out along the way. Just commit.”

How Did Energizing Entrepreneurs Help Your Business?

Energizing Entrepreneurs is a four-step program that provides a $5,000 grant to new business owners over 3-4 years. Brittany was one of the first entrepreneurs to enroll in this program which helped her pay for startup costs and alleviated a bit of the financial risk when starting a new business. 

This program not only helped her financially but also provided resources for her to navigate the ins and outs of running a business. 

BC: “The roadmap that the Energizing Entrepreneurs program provides was essential in helping me start my business. They don’t teach you the business side of things in therapy school.” 

Along with the financial and business planning resources, Energizing Entrepreneurs also helps entrepreneurs feel supported by the community. 

BC: “The backing from a community organization was beneficial to helping me start my own business.” 

Throughout this program, and beyond, our mission at BCDA is to help you with whatever we can. 

BC: “BCDA has been a wonderful resource. If I ever have a question about something for the business, Jackie is always there to help me.”

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