How BCDA’s $5,000 New Business Grant Can Kickstart Your Business

new business grant

Are you finally starting that business this year that you have been thinking about for a while? Great! One of the most commonly asked questions our office gets is if we know of any grants for small businesses. Grants can be quite specific and not always available when you need them. That is why BCDA decided to create its own grant program for new businesses in Boone County. 

It takes time and effort to successfully start a business. On top of all of the details entrepreneurs need to think about, there is the financial aspect to tackle. BCDA’s Energizing Entrepreneurs grant for new businesses in Boone County provides entrepreneurs with up to $5,000 in funding to assist them during their first three years of business. 

We know how important it is to have support during the beginning stages of business. Energizing Entrepreneurs was created to do more than just help you through the planning process.

What is BCDA’s Grant for New Businesses?

Energizing Entrepreneurs is a four-step program designed to assist entrepreneurs through each phase of creating and implementing a business plan. This program was created as a way to support entrepreneurs beginning at the idea phase through their first three years of business. 

Throughout this process, entrepreneurs enrolled in this program will receive $5,000 total in four separate increments. This money can be utilized in any way that the business owner sees fit for their business.

Who is Eligible for BCDA’s New Business Grant?

BCDA’s Energizing Entrepreneurs program is available to anyone starting a new business located in Boone County. Your business must still be in the planning phase to qualify for this grant. Operating businesses are not eligible.

Is There a Catch?

No! Our goal with this program is to assist entrepreneurs in Boone County and help them succeed. There is no fine print or secret obligations. 

How to Apply for Energizing Entrepreneurs

If you have a business idea that has been on your mind, contact our office to set up a meeting. We will walk you through the process of this program, plus let you know of any other programs that may benefit you.

The Energizing Entrepreneurs Application Process looks like this:

To qualify for funding through the BCDA Energizing Entrepreneurs Program, local businesses must:

  1. Draft a business and financial plan, choose your business structure, and conduct market research on your intended products/services. BCDA can assist in transitioning your vision into a solid plan.
  2. Work with your local bank to determine financing and fill out the BCDA Energizing Entrepreneurs Application. BCDA can assist in determining if there are any loan programs or gap financing that you may qualify for, as well as assist in securing a business location and work with you to determine your marketing and advertising plan.
  3. Build a support system. Local business owners, your community members, and the Boone County Emerging Leaders through BCDA provide excellent networking opportunities and resources.