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Perfectly positioned in northeast Nebraska, “23 county” is unique in our ability to provide the solitude of rural Nebraska while still being less than an hour in any direction from larger cities (Norfolk, Columbus, and Grand Island) and exactly two hours from the state’s largest metros (Omaha, Lincoln, and Kearney).

This means residents enjoy all the bliss and benefits of small-town life without sacrificing the luxuries and amenities of the city.

cost of living

The Good Life isn’t just a way of living, it also involves the cost of living. Nebraska is proud to rank lower than the national average on basic living expenses such as housing, utilities, transportation, and health costs.

Boone County is home to an elite 5 star hospital and medical bills in Nebraska are lower than average. With an average household income 0f $84,000, Boone County is a great, affordable place to raise a family in Nebraska.

Housing & Communities

Experience the ease of Boone County with just a 13 minute (average) commute to work and affordable housing. The median price of rent is $750/month, and median home values are around $144,000. 

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