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Marketing Program

Our goal is to support your Boone County business during every stage. We understand that marketing consistently can be time-consuming and is often a lower priority than other operational needs. That is where our Marketing Program steps in.

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

The following marketing packages are designed to provide the right amount of support to help existing businesses either boost or begin strategic marketing efforts that can be sustained for long-term benefits. Each package builds on the previous options.

Package 1
Audit + Insights

$ 400
  • Brand Audit
  • Competitor Audit
  • High-Level Marketing Training
  • High-Level Recommendations
Timeline: 4 Weeks
Gain insight into the current marketing efforts that are working well and what you should consider to increase traffic.

Package 2

$ 700
  • Everything in package 1
  • Canva + Meta Business Suite training
  • Implementation oversight
  • Basics analytics training
Timeline: 6-8 Weeks
Take your efforts to the next level through stronger creative execution and analytics support.

Package 3
Short-Term Mentoring

$ 1,000
  • Everything in Packages 1 & 2
  • Additional implementation training
  • 6-month mentorship
  • Deeper analytics support + training
Timeline: 6 Months
Dedicated short-term support that will help you establish an effective long-term marketing strategy.

Why You Should Invest In Your Marketing Strategy


Marketing is how you get the word out about your business, sales and events.


Marketing increases sales by by reaching a wider audience that drives customers to your business.

Brand Awareness

Marketing puts your business in front of new and existing customers.


Marketing encourages your customers to engage with your business in person and online.


Small business owners wear many hats, which makes focusing on marketing incredibly challenging. This program can help you identify ways to promote your business and create a plan to become consistent in your marketing efforts. Through careful planning, you can learn how to save time while gaining traffic to your location and/or your online platforms. This program is an investment in strengthening your business.

Through a brand audit, you will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. Not sure you have a brand to begin with? We’ll help put you on the right path to establishing who you are and how to communicate effectively with your audience. It’s almost impossible to gain awareness if your business does not have a clearly defined brand strategy.

You will learn how to create a marketing plan and how to implement the right tactics to meet your goals. We can help you learn some creative tools for building the materials (ads, posts, etc.) or help you find the right resources to further support you. Our objective is to empower you to take control and manage your marketing without adding to your workday. Specific training could include: using the Meta Business Suite, creating in Canva, blogs, Facebook Live and others.

One of the most challenging parts of marketing is building consistency. The mentorship option is to give you a guide who can help you adhere to your goals and your marketing plan. Your mentor can answer questions, review your materials and provide feedback, and help you stay on track to build a marketing program that works for you and your business needs.

Let Us Help You Build An Effective Marketing Strategy!

It’s time to invest in your business. Effective marketing heavily impacts the success of your business. We want to see your business succeed!

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