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Whether you’re looking for your next job, starting your new business, or looking to relocate your company, Boone County is a great place for business. Let us show you. 

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It really is the Good Life in Boone County, and we want that for you and your business. BCDA, Inc. is here to support your business throughout every stage. From large corporations to small businesses, we are eager to work alongside you to help you achieve your goals.

Boone County is actively working toward recruiting and retaining businesses, attracting workforce to the area, and creating affordable housing. We have designed programs and services to help you succeed.

Why Boone County? Because we are a community that supports your business, cares about your family, and wants to see you succeed.

Why Choose Boone County


Key Industries


Location & Infrastructure


Boone County is home to over 5,000 hard-working citizens. Our talent base makes for a quality labor pool ready to meet business needs in all key employee profiles.

We know that this is a difficult time to find employees, but BCDA is here to help. Check back soon to read more about how we are actively helping businesses in our county find workers. 

Key Industries

Boone County serves key state and national markets from a central location. From agriculture to manufacturing to healthcare, Boone County is capable of housing a variety of industries.








Let's put you in contact with the right people to help you find your next home.


Golf courses, scenic parks, walking trails, swimming pools, a movie theater, bars, restaurants, organized sports leagues, and more!

Schools, Daycares, Libraries & Churches

They say it takes a village to raise kids, and we have five great options.

Location & Infrastructure

Centrally located in Nebraska, Boone County’s integrated transportation system of highways and railroads provide logistical advantages for companies in every industry.

Available sites & buildings
1 +
miles from 3 larger cities
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miles of railway access
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Off the beaten path doesn't mean disconnected. Boone County is a great place for remote workers.

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