It’s hard to put into words, but it’s not hard to see why Boone County is a cut above the rest.
Here, it’s all about the little things that make a big difference.

Truly the best of both worlds

Come experience the Boone County difference for yourself. You’ll be impressed by the subtle and surprising details that make this place feel like home. The values and ethics. The support. The camaraderie. The one-on-one attention your kids get in school and sports. The willingness of each individual to lend a hand, whether to friends or perfect strangers. The friendly nods. The two-finger wave we give to every car we meet on the road. It’s hard to put into words what exactly “it” is. It’s just a Boone County thing.

If you’re raising a family or are considering starting a family, you just can’t beat life in small-town Nebraska, and particularly in Boone County. For those looking to trade the stress and hustle of city life for a more authentic and meaningful “return to bliss,” you’re speaking our language. Being perfectly situated in a rural area in northeast Nebraska but simultaneously just a short drive away from larger cities means you can enjoy all the benefits of small-town life without sacrificing the luxuries of the big city. 

LIVE here.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find your hometown in Boone County.

WORK here.

If it’s options you’re after- don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


Bring your career. We'll provide the office.

Work remotely in shared or private co-working space.

PERCH is a space for professionals who work remotely, people pursuing creative interests, students who need some place to study other than at home, and anyone else who needs a collaborative, creatively-inspired space.

Flexible and open, PERCH is intended to be a come-as-you-are destination where people can bring a laptop or other device… even a notepad and pen and share ideas or work privately. 

Offering workstations, a lounge area, two conference areas, and a private office– you’re sure to find the perfect space to work.

Outdoors with scenic countryside panoramas and the quiet solitude of a swaying porch swing.

Or even with a side of coffee... and pie!

Hear from community members who have already made Boone Co. their remote office- and home.

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