EMTs are invaluable.

decide. commit. succeed. start the process today!

step up for others

Join one of the five Boone County Fire and Rescue Departments where you’ll have a direct impact on the lives of people in our communities.  Even the smallest medical calls can make a significant impact.

The 2022 Boone County Emerging Leaders Academy Class selected EMT Awareness as their group project. Marketing materials and this webpage were created for the local departments to utilize and as a resource page for anyone that is interested in becoming an EMT.
The Emerging Leaders class greatly appreciates the dedication and commitment from all the volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments. 

Is becoming an EMT right for me?

Hear from local community members who made the commitment. ***Spoiler Alert*** They are all glad they did!

Mental Health & Coping with difficult situations.

coursework & dedication

family, work, & emt life balance.

community departments

if you aren’t sure it’s what you want to do, just meet with your local department and talk to them.

bruce benne

it is always something i wanted to do and now i get to help people in my small town.

Lisa kennedy

it is a great way to help out your community.

kim fangman

Just knowing that you helped a mother, a child, in any way, it is a feeling that sticks with you.

mary hemmingsen

Just do it. IT is something I’ve never regretted doing.

Jennifer nauenburg

Questions? Feel free to reach out!