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First things first, way to bet on yourself! At BCDA, we firmly believe that the most fulfilling careers are found at the intersection of your passion and your talents. If that takes you down the path of the entrepreneur, then we offer you our sincere applause for having the determination to put in some elbow grease and turn that passion of yours into a full-time job.

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We’re confident your passion, drive, business savvy, and entrepreneurial spirit will take you far, but you’ve also got some seasoned vets in your corner at BCDA. Use them! We can you lend you some insight to help you go further. With our grants, programs, and insider knowledge, we can help you save time, money, and unnecessary work. Find out more about the resources at your disposal below!

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Mark your calendars! BCDA meets the second Tuesday of each month, and we welcome community members/businesses to get on the agenda to discuss projects and requests for assistance. 

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