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Introducing our new Emerging Leaders Program Series for 2023, Communicating with Impact! 

2023 Program Series

Communicating with Impact

Every day, we are asked to do more with less. To do so, teams of all shapes and sizes must work effectively and efficiently together to achieve the organization’s mission and vision. Those who are successful in this endeavor undoubtedly can effectively communicate.

In this program series, Molly Brummond, assistant dean of student development at the University of Nebraska College of Law, will present workshops tied to the overall theme “Communicating with Impact.”

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Rising Strong: The Stories You Tell Yourself and How They Impact Your Communication with Others

March 30, 2023 | Location: Applied connective 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

When people think of communication, they often gloss over the internal dialogue they have with themselves every minute of every day.

The mind is always at work, taking in data and then making sense of that data. Humans are narrative, telling themselves stories as a way of making sense of the situations and communities of which they are apart.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to begin to identify the stories they are telling themselves, how to dissect those stories, and use what they have learned to positively impact their internal dialogue and the communication they have with others.

About Emerging Leaders Academy


To discover, encourage, and prepare future leaders to take on the various leadership roles in our communities.

Over the past several years, many local organizations and community groups have struggled to find new leadership and volunteers to be able to continue their efforts that greatly benefit our communities.

Boone County’s Emerging Leaders Academy is our way of solving this issue. 

High-Quality Leadership Training

At the beginning of the year, selected participants will begin the program with a kickoff event, followed by four training sessions throughout four months led by an experienced leadership development professional.

Throughout the experience, the class will select a community project that they will work on and execute as a group. All participants that complete the required training sessions and participate in the group project will graduate from the program in September. 

The experience will provide participants with an opportunity to meet new people throughout the county, gain new knowledge about leadership development and their own leadership potential, and then put the new relationships and knowledge to use by completing an impactful community project. They will then be able to take what they learned from this experience and implement their new skills in current and future Boone County leadership roles.

Who it's for

The academy invites any emerging leaders (adults 21-40(ish) years of age) living or working in Boone County to apply. It is also a great experience for those who are new to the area and want to meet people and learn more about how to get involved in Boone County.

How to Participate

The Boone County Emerging Leaders Academy will start accepting participant applications for the 2024 year at the end of 2023. If you are interested in participating, please email bcdasec@boone-county.org to get your name on the list. 

Meet the Emerging Leaders Curriculum Leaders

Molly Brummond and Curt Coffman possess the unparallelled experience to make the Emerging Leaders Academy a high-quality and highly impactful experience for those that participate by offering professional curriculum and assessment tools.


Curriculum leader

A New York Times bestselling author, researcher, business scientist, consultant to the University of Denver, Fortune 1001 and 500 organizations, MBA and Executive Fellow at the Daniels School of Business, Curt Coffman has invested 30+ years in the science of high-performance cultures.

As Senior Partner and Chief Science Officer of The Coffman Organization, Coffman has studied hundreds of organizations and millions of employees and customers. He was formerly the Global Practice Leader for employee and customer engagement at the Gallup Organization for 22 years.

Coffman has led professional development training for businesses such as Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, 3M, Disney, Red Bull, Toyota Motor Sales, NASA, and many more!

Molly Brummond

curriculum leader

Molly is a 2003 graduate of Nebraska Law. After several years in private practice, Brummond returned to the College of Law in 2010 and, since that time, has served the College in various roles dealing with alumni relations, student life, and communications.

She is one of the principal developers of the College’s Build Your Character program – a program that works to identify leadership and professional skills development opportunities for students that occur both inside and outside of the classroom.

The program has received much national attention, and Brummond has written and presented on the topic for the National Conference of Bar Examiners and NALP.

Meet the academy Coordinators

Together, Michelle and Brandi, have worked together since the Academy’s inception to organize, raise funds, recruit participants, and execute the Emerging Leader Academy experience. They also serve as local contacts for those interested in the academy.

Michelle Olson

academy coordinator

I dedicate my time to Emerging Leaders as a Program Coordinator because it is a great opportunity to get other young adults interested and excited about investing their time, talents, ideas, and perspective into something they are passionate about within our Boone County communities. 

It has been a rewarding experience to see participants grow throughout the program and then go on to take leadership roles that align so well with their personality, talents, and interests. We are making an impact by investing in the next generation of leaders and that’s an exciting thing to be a part of. 

Brandi Yosten

academy Coordinator

Cultivating leadership skills of young people here in Boone County is such a crucial step in the process of promoting involvement and greater contributions of these individuals’ talents within our community through various organizations to make Boone County the best place to live, work and grow a family. 

I believe that the Boone County Emerging Leaders Academy accomplishes just that.

Class of 2022

This group selected EMT Awareness as their project. They conducted research and interviews with local fire/rescue departments and community members, to better understand the barriers preventing people from becoming an EMT.

They used this information to create marketing materials and a resource page that local departments can utilize to recruit new EMTs. These resources will also be useful for those looking to become an EMT, as all the necessary information they need is readily available and organized by community on the project webpage.


At the beginning of their Academy, the participants heard from local leaders that worked closely on the St. Edward Community Center project so the group could gain an understanding of how to begin and execute a community project.

This group’s project was to introduce the Bambino app to Boone County parents and babysitters. Upon graduation, the Academy has recruited 96 parents, 45 babysitters, and has had 10 completed bookings!


Thank you to our sponsors

Helping to make leadership training accessible in Boone County.


In 2015, BCDA wanted to spearhead and revamp the county young professionals’ group, which was then known as the Boone County Young Leaders. With a new BCDA Executive Director, Michelle Olson, in place, she was tasked with taking over the existing group as Chairman. A committee was put into place and under new leadership the group underwent a brand change, becoming the Boone County Emerging Leaders, and a strategic plan was put into place in order to secure funding to elevate the group to the next level. 



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In this workshop, participants will learn how to begin to identify the stories they are telling themselves, how to dissect those stories, and use what they have learned to positively impact their internal dialogue and the communication they have with others.