BCDA Receives $8,000 Youth Engagement Grant to Support Business & Industry Day

BCDA has received a Youth Engagement Grant totaling $8,000 to support the organization’s Business & Industry Day scheduled for October 26 at the Boone County Fairgrounds. 

What is the Youth Engagement Grant?

As a matching program, the Youth Engagement Grant brings together funding support from the Boone County Foundation Fund (BCFF) and a Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) anonymous donor. Each awarded BCDA with $4,000, which will be used to bring sophomores and juniors from across Boone County together for a day of career exploration and collaboration with local businesses and organizations.

Youth Engagement Grants are administered by a donor-advised fund through NCF and are made in three distinct areas: planning, enhancement, and catalyst. According to the guidelines of the grant, community leadership must have been exhibited in the grant application indicating the likely sustainability of impacts attained. The application was first made, approved by, and half of the money matched by the BCFF at its September meeting. From there, the application was submitted to NCF where it was approved by the donor-advised fund that is sponsoring it.

How BCDA is Using the Youth Engagement Grant

BCDA’s Business & Industry Day was established to expose area high school students to the myriad of career opportunities that exist within Boone County. During the morning session, students meet with nine businesses representing different industries. Through hands-on demonstrations in a small group setting, they gain an in-depth look at a wide sampling of local career options. 

During lunch, keynote speaker Lasada Pippen will help students find their “why” and consider how they can follow their path–even by staying or returning to their hometown. During the afternoon session, students will sit in small groups with community leaders to discuss a range of topics including the strengths and opportunities of living and working in Boone County.

Business & Industry Day

This is the first year B&I Day has returned to the area since 2019 and will continue as an annual opportunity to bring local businesses and students together to collaborate and learn together. Learn more about BCDA’s B&I Day here.