6 Reasons Shopping Local Matters

Boone County

“Shopping Local” is more than just a buzzword. It is a commitment to your community. Small businesses are the backbone of Boone County. They stimulate our economy, provide jobs for our residents, and support our schools through donations and sponsorships. 

Shopping locally is one way of putting your money where your mouth is. When you shop at a local business, you are casting a vote for the type of community you want to live in. For every dollar spent locally, 68% is reinvested back into the community. To help Boone County thrive, it is paramount that we continue to choose to purchase from local businesses. 

Here are six reasons why shopping locally creates a better quality of life for everyone in Boone County.

Shopping Local Stimulates Boone County’s Economy

When you commit to shopping locally, your money is cycled back into Boone County’s economy through sales tax and businesses utilizing local services and supplies. Instead of your dollars going to a corporate headquarters never to be seen again, they are reinvested into the community by business owners and their employees.

Boone County Businesses Employ Your Neighbors

Local businesses stimulate economic growth by creating jobs that employ you and your neighbors. Boone County offers an array of jobs so you don’t have to commute to a larger city. This gives our citizens more time at home versus being on the road. 

Local Businesses Give Back to the Boone County Economy

How often have you or your children walked into a Boone County business and asked the business owner to support your cause or fundraiser? As a business owner, they are reached out to multiple times a year for donation requests. Boone County’s businesses play a significant role in supporting local charities and causes. These small business owners tend to be more engaged with community events and are often willing to support these fundraising efforts with either cash or product donations. 

Small Businesses Provide Better Customer Service

Technology is a wonderful tool, but think about how many times you have had an issue and cannot reach a live person to talk to. That doesn’t happen here. Customer service happens person to person, and often with the business owner. Owners care about your satisfaction because all purchases, deals, and positive reviews matter to them. 

Shopping Local Spurs Innovation & Growth in Boone County

Small business owners have a survival mentality that makes them innovative in their pursuit of success. These days, business owners are not only providing you with goods and services. They are also often hosting events for you to attend. They want to create fun, unique activities for their customers so that we don’t have to travel out of town for a good time. 

Shopping Local Supports Real, Genuine People

Every business owner wholeheartedly believes in the business that they are running. By supporting local businesses, you are supporting real, genuine people and their passion. You are helping them to provide for their families. You are helping them to be able to support local events. You are helping them live their version of the American Dream. 

With today’s economy, it is more important than ever to encourage the people in your life to think about how they can support our community through shopping small, supporting local businesses, and ultimately funding a better tomorrow.