Unleash your
leadership potential!

The Boone County Emerging Leaders Academy is an exclusive high-quality leadership training program for young adult leaders that live or work in Boone County. Beginning in January 2021, selected participants will begin the program with a kickoff event, followed by four training sessions throughout four months led by an experienced leadership development professional, ending with a graduation ceremony.

The purpose of this leadership training is to discover, encourage, and prepare future leaders to take on the various leadership roles in our communities. Over the past several years, many local organizations and community groups have struggled to find new leadership and volunteers to be able to continue their efforts that greatly benefit our communities.

The academy invites any emerging leaders (adults 21-40(ish) years of age) living in or working in Boone County to apply.



APPLICATIONS DUE BY JANUARY 11TH, 5:00 PM. EMAIL TO michelleolson@boone-county.org 



Beginning in January 2021, selected participants will begin the program with a kickoff event, followed by four training sessions throughout four months led by an experienced leadership development professional, ending with a graduation ceremony.

The orientation kickoff retreat is Friday, January 29, 2020, beginning at 11:00 am. There will be four sessions following the retreat, dates and times outlined below. The academy will conclude with a graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 24th, at 4:00 pm. The full schedule of the academy is outlined below with date and time commitments. All locations TBD.

Prior to Session 1, participants will take an online assessment, TalentSet, to learn more about their individual leadership strengths and style. They will then have a one-on-one session with a Talent Coach to walk through results and answer questions. 

Training sessions will take a deeper dive into these four areas of focus:

Session 1: Thursday, Feb. 25th- 12:30 pm-5:00 pm– Exploring your Talents and Developing your Leadership Philosophy — Participants will consider how their strengths and talents impact their individual approach to leadership.
• Understand your individual strengths and the strengths of all participants.
• Identify and understand your natural leadership style and philosophy.
• Learn how to effectively work with a group of individuals that possess different strengths, talents, and leadership styles.
• Understand the impact your personality and behaviors have on others.
• Know how to use identified visions, goals, and values to organize, direct, and motivate.

Session 2: Thursday, March 18th- 12:30 pm-5:00 pm–Communicating with Impact — Participants will be led through curriculum focused on how to communicate with confidence and clarity in order to build enduring relationships in a personal and a professional setting.
• Explore your own communication strengths and identify areas of improvement.
• Learn how to provide more effective and clear feedback to colleagues, your employer, or your organization/board/team.
• Maintain resilience while handling uncertainty and solving complex problems.
• Recognize the importance of having an execution mindset so things get done.
• Leave with increased confidence in leading an effective and motivated team, committee, organization, or board.
• Using information learned, present group project idea trying to persuade fellow Academy participants that it is the idea that should be pursued
• Learn a consensus-building exercise that can be applied in different leadership settings.

Session 3: Thursday, April 29th- 12:30 pm-5:00 pm– Finding Your Work/Life Balance — Participants will identify and clarify what work/life balance means to them. Then, through a series of exercises, they will develop their own work/life balance plan. Once a plan has been created, participants will discuss the challenges and barriers that might impede this plan and discuss strategies that will lead to success.
• Define work-life balance and how it applies to participants
• Develop work-life balance goals and specific actions
• Determine accountability triggers to support achieving work-life balance
• Learn how to utilize productivity tools to support and incorporate work-life balance goals
• Gain strategies in how to acquire the time to get important personal activities integrated into the calendar
• Understand how to maintain work-life balance through effective daily and weekly planning
• Work on finalizing group project.

Session 4: Thursday, May, 27th- 12:30 pm-5:00 pm– Service, Governance, and Taking Action — 
Learning Objectives:
Participants will gain valuable insight on how to get involved in their community and leave having identified organizations or local efforts that align with their passions and interests. You will learn about the nonprofit, education, business, and government opportunities and needs, including responsibilities of local county, city, and village boards and how they operate. This session will end with a “Local Organization Match Making” event. During this event, local organizations are invited to share a brief message about their organization and what positions they are seeking to be filled. Participants will then be able to spend time with the organizations they are interested in learning more about at the conclusion of the presentations.