Does Your Small Business Need a Website

A common question we get asked a lot from small business owners in Boone County is, “Does my business need a website?” The short answer is each business and its needs/goals are different, so it really depends on what you want to accomplish. 

But nobody likes to answer a question with another question. So we put together a list of reasons your business would benefit from a website and a few reasons why your business might not need one.

Do I Need a Website if I Have a Facebook Page?

We are also often asked if a small business website is necessary if the business already has a Facebook page. While social media is a necessary tool used to communicate with your customers, it also has its limitations. Here’s why the two are completely different.

You Don’t Own Your Facebook Page

Did you know that Facebook could deactivate your page at any time for little to no reason? This happens more often than you think, and when it does, all of your content and your following are lost. While you might be able to recover your page, there is also a chance that you might have to start over.

Having a small business website ensures that you are 100% in control of your domain and the content that you share. Additionally, your customers will always know where to find you if your brand were to disappear from social media.

Facebook Doesn’t Boost Your Searchability

Think about how you search for things online. Do you use Facebook or Google? Most of us open Google. Unless your potential customer is searching for your business specifically, general search inquiries for products or services you offer are less likely to show up with just a Facebook page. 

Websites are built to be searchable. Having a website developed with search engine optimization (SEO) will position your small business so it can appear higher in search when potential customers are looking for products or services that you offer. 

Attention Spans on Facebook are Low

How often has your favorite small business run a sale or an event and you didn’t know about it, even though they advertised it on their Facebook page? This is because between all of your Facebook friends, the other business you follow, and whatever the Facebook algorithm decides to show you that day, things get lost on social media. 

While it does take some legwork to get your customers to your website, you are ensuring that you have their full attention when they are there. This often leads to more sales.

Benefits of a Having a Website for Your Small Business

An effective website is an asset to your small business and gives your customers another way to support your brand. Below are just a few of the more prominent reasons having a website would be a benefit to your business.

A Small Business Website Gives Credibility and Can Edge Out the Competition

A well-designed and user-friendly website gives your small business credibility when vying for attention from larger competitors and your peers. It tells your customers that you are serious about your business and helps your brand look professional. 

Your website is also a place for your business to edge out the competition. With an optimized website, you can rank higher in search results and gain quality leads for your business.

A Website is Essential to Closing Sales

Think about your website as a way for your customers to window shop. They can easily check out what you offer from the comfort of their home. 

Whether you sell products or services, having a website is the essential final step for your customers. This is where they “add to cart” or find your contact information to learn more about your services. 

Additionally, if your customers are finding you through different channels, like social media, your website should be their final destination to close the sale.

It Helps You Gain Access to More Potential Customers and Improve Customer Service

The people in Boone County are great about supporting local businesses, but sometimes that is not enough to meet your sales goals. Your small business website is a way to reach millions of potential customers.  

Not only will your website help you reach customers that may never step foot into your store, but it can also help you reach customers who are unfamiliar with the area but plan to stop by. Your website increases your searchability online and will help these individuals find you.

Plus, a well-thought-out website is a great customer service tool. Your hours, location, products/services, and anything else you include are readily available to your customers and will save you from answering questions that are easily answered on your website.

Your Small Business Website is the Best Place For Your Customers to Learn About You and Give Lasting Value

With so many small businesses out there, these days your customers want to know who they are buying from. When supporting small businesses, they like to see a face behind the brand. Your website is the best place for them to learn who you are and what your business is all about. 

Not to mention, your website is a resource for your customers to learn about the products and/or services that you offer. It is a place for them to gather information about your policies without having to pick up the phone. The information that you provide on your website generates value for your brand.

Reasons Why Your Business Doesn’t Need a Website

With all of that being said, there are still some small businesses that may not need a website. Here’s why. 

You Are Content with the Size of Your Business and Sales

If you are not looking to grow your business or you already have more customers than you can manage, then having a website probably is not necessary.

You Don’t Have Competition

If your business has little to no competitors and you are offering your customers something that they can’t get elsewhere, then you can get away with not having a website if you choose.


At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you think your small business would benefit from a website. But, if you are looking to grow, increase sales, find more customers, or provide better customer service, a small business website is something that you should implement. 

A great question to ask yourself is how you shop or gather information online. If you often find yourself on websites to book appointments, purchase items, or gather information, then it’s safe to assume your customers do too. 

There are plenty of platforms where you can create your own website if you have the time and ability. Or we are happy to put you in touch with a few website designers located right here in Boone County. 

If you have any questions about anything discussed in this article, please contact our office.

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