Local Incentives

Two development organizations serve the City of Albion: Albion Economic Development District and Boone County Development Agency. The collaboration of these two organizations makes Albion a very progressive community and the hub of Boone County. Both development groups will assist in bringing your project to realization in the community through support and planning, as well as offering low interest loans with flexible repayment plans.

The City of Albion has a 1.5% city sales tax, of which one quarter of 1% of the funds collected are allocated to economic development. Assistance has been in the form of loans and loan guarantees. Boone County Development Agency also has a loan program available and is willing to provide funding for projects through loans and loan guarantees.

Boone County Development Agency will work closely with the prospect and Nebraska Department of Economic Development to assist with applications for Community Development Block Grant and Nebraska Advantage programs.

Loan Applications

Please contact the BCDA office if you have any questions or need assistance with the business loan application.